Thank you so much for your support of our program last night! The students had so much fun putting it together. A big shout out to Mrs. Aagard who interviewed all of the students and helped them create their own parts and put them together into our program. Thank you so much for sending props for your students. In the craziness of cleaning up last night a few items have gone missing. If you could look around your house and send back any of these items that were picked up by mistake we would appreciate it.

1. A green pair of gloves
2. A purple pair of gloves
3. A silver bowl
4. A chef’s hat

Remember that tomorrow is our pajama day. We hope you have a save and wonderful Christmas break!!

Imagine Learning Parent Volunteers

As we announced in our back to school night meeting the 3rd grade is responsible for having a parent volunteer to help with Imagine Learning every Friday from 9:30-10:30. We have parents who have volunteered for the 1st and 2nd weeks and we appreciate them so much! We are still looking for help on the 3rd and 4th Friday. If you are available to help please let your child’s teacher know.

Student Passwords

All students were given a password at the beginning of the year so that we, as teachers, could help them to be able to login to the computers. We now feel as though students are able to successfully get on by themselves. For security reason you are encouraged to follow the following link and change your child’s password. Please make it something your student can spell and remember. If they forget at school they will have to reset their password here and will need to let you know at home. We are trying to keep their accounts and information safe. Thank you!

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