Math Chapter 5

This chapter is an introduction to division.  We are trying to teach the students to think of division of repeated subtraction of equal groups just like we think of multiplication and repeated addition.  We will be using a lot of modeling to show the students this concept.

There is a lot of new vocabulary for this chapter. There is divide, dividend (number being divided 15/3=5), divisor (number divided by 15/3=5), quotient (the answer 15/3=5), fact family (3×5=15, 5×3=15, 15/3=5, 15/5=3) and inverse operations (3×5=15, 15/3=5).

Here is a link to the pre-test so you can see what we are working toward being able to do.  If you have any questions please let us know!!


3rd Grade Teachers


Keyboarding Links

Here are some helpful keyboarding links. Third grade students are expected to type their writing test in February. Practicing at home would be really helpful.

Here are some good websites to keep practicing their keyboarding:
Keyboard Invasion

typing rocket

typing race cars

Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Dance Mat Typing Level 2

Dance Mat Typing Level 3

This is a link to keyboarding on Web Resouces
Web Resources

This is a link to a fun site ABCya that has some great games grade

Math Chapter 4

On the sidebar under math you will notice a couple of new links. There is one for the multiplication flashcards. Learning multiplication is an important skill that your child will learn at home. Any practice of these facts at home would be a great help for your student. The other link if for the homework pages in case your students misplaces their homework between school and home.

Our math focus for the next two weeks will be on understanding multiplication as repeated addition. There will be some vocabulary that is new to your students.
Array: Objects or symbols displayed in rows of the same length and columns of the same length.
Equal Groups: Groups with the same number of objects
Factor: A number that is multiplied by another number.
Multiply: An operation on two numbers to find their product.
Product: The answer to a multiplication problem.

In the post below there is an example of the pre-test that the students will take tomorrow with the answer key. If you have any questions about what we are working on in class please let your child’s teacher know. We are here to help!